Image of The City with Joburg Pilgriimer

Joburg PilgriimerJoburg PilgriimerJoburg PilgriimerJoburg Pilgriimer
Joburg PilgriimerJoburg PilgriimerJoburg PilgriimerJoburg Pilgriimer

Image of The City with Joburg Pilgriimer

To the ordinary citizen, the city is a busy cluster.. A little chaos, and often unsafe to take a tour around, especially our very own beloved Johannesburg, which can often be perilous, and a challenge to navigate on foot or car.

To the individual who understands city design, however, the city is plain.. Easy to understand, and easy to navigate. They know where to find the cultural precinct, whether for a gallery or a museum; they know where to find the business precinct, in case they need a lawyer or an accountant, and they know where to find the district, or where people come to play and have fun or to buy and sell.

Joburg Pilgriimer is a platform that translates the image of the city as studied in Urban Design, into the digital space, in direct, everyday language, so that the ordinary person can understand their city environment in a more sophisticated way, browse it more easily from the comfort of home, and find all the things to see and do all through scrolling through their smartscreens.

At Pilgriimer, we help the pedestrian have a better relationship with their environment, and with the cityscape around them. We categorise the city to its primitive precincts, and showcase all the establishments present in each one, so that the citizen can shop for all that the city has, while sitting at home. We know that there are thousands of visitors who come to experience the beauty of this side of the world, and this platform helps them find their way around easily.

This brings a great appeal to most of us as we have largely become accustomed to navigating and understanding our world through our smart devices.

Pilgriimer was inspired by a concept by Kevin Lynch, an Urban Planner who categorised the city into 5 categories; Paths, Nodes, District, Landmarks, and Edges. We untangle this jargon even better and present it in a more direct, and simple manner.

So go ahead and visit the website at, and see the city with brand new eyes.

We also esteem every business, and we admire it when the citizens understand that every business is a landmark in the land. If you are a business owner and would like to be found by locals and visitors on the platform, kindly send us an email on, and someone will get in touch with you shortly. Listing on the platform is only R100 a month. We know that the Google algorithm is ever changing, and the shuffling of ranks can be detrimental for organic clicks, while fighting for the top 4 spots on Google search has always been far from inspiring, especially for the consumer, who never gets to see what the entire industry has to offer, to be able to choose a company that best suits their personality, since all that they find is the first two businesses that are ahead of the SEO game.

The website is city based and currently represents the city of Johannesburg, but the platform will launch in the other provinces too, starting with Mpumalanga, Cape Town, and Durban.

It brings the Pilgriimer team great joy to walk you through as we see the image of the city emerge before our eyes, and for you is wishes for all the happiness in your travels.

Joburg PilgriimerJoburg PilgriimerJoburg Pilgriimer